Normandy climate

They say that in Normandy you can experience every type of weather in a single day, i.e. it's changeable and the reason is the sea with its changeable and uncalculable winds.

The weather in Normandy is mild and more wet with few frosty days and a lot of rain which explains the lush green countryside. The average temperatures swing between 10 and 12 degrees C  and even in August the hottest month of the year, the average temperature is around 18 degrees C. By token, the winters are mild and even in the coldest parts of Normandy like the south of Orne or the Pays de Caux, the temperatures don't really fall under 3 degrees.

Clothes and equipment

Two things belong in your baggage, a swimsuit and an umbrella. And next to sunglasses and suncream, you should pack a pullover and a wind cheating jacket. Walking shoes aren't a bad idea either.

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